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Once Upon a Times Table…

Once upon a Times, there were twin boys who loved everything Apple. Using text-to-speech for spell checking, solving interactive puzzles, and chopping fruit with Ninja like efficiency. As a tool for learning, it’s potential needed to be explored.

Our Story starts with a simple premise, encouragement. When my sons were struggling with retaining multiplication functions from memory, there teachers recommended practicing multiplication tables. We set out to engage our boys in a better experience for learning multiplication.

We explored the various device and online multiplication applications and traditional book approaches, finding that most of them either required external motivation from us, or had experiences that became de-motivating upon repeated use. As an application designer and developer, I set out to create a better learning experience for them.

Our Boys, as with most of their peer group, are motivated by rewards, learning and engaging with ideas on there terms, and exploration via gameplay. The essence of the experience is Multiplication in table form, iterating thru each grid cell to recognize and learn the patterns of multiplication. Achievements represent goals and accomplishments along the path of learning, engaging students with frequent positive feedback, while parents can track learning progress.

Progressing thru the table in a linear, or adjacent cell pattern, leverages addition to learn multiples of each row. While a Random progression, along with tracking time, cultivate applied memory retention.

Functns works for us, and we recognize that this may not be the solution for every child. As Parents, Teachers and Students, we look forward to hearing your feedback so we can improve functns, and include many other mathematical functions and concepts which could use a fresh approach to learning. We are committed to improving functns based on the people who know us best, our Students. Please send us a message by clicking here.

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ANTM Allstar Lisa D’Amato launches ultra-modern app with myWorld Mobile.

Press release


September 13, 2011- LOS ANGELES, CA – The premiere myWorld Mobile app boasts a platform that allows Lisa D’ Amato fans to engage with the reality star directly from their mobile devices. The mobile app merges social media networks like Twitter and Facebook with Real-Time chatting, exclusive video and photos only found within the Earth to Lisa mobile app.
The release of this content- driven platform puts the power in the artists’ hand to offer their fans a truly never before seen inside look into their world. The socially savvy reality star gives fans an inside look at her life, career and her latest experience on America’s Next Top Model All-Stars. Lisa D’Amato is best known for her over-the-top antics and personality in the CW reality show America’s Next Top Model Cycle 5. D’ Amato also appeared on Season 3 of Celebrity Rehab on VH1. myWorld Mobile created the premiere app with D’Amato’s diverse fan-base in mind.
“Lisa’s fans have eagerly awaited the launch of this mobile app for over a year. Fans surely won’t be disappointed,” says myWorld Mobile CEO, Bildad St.Louis. Earth to Lisa allows loyal fans to connect with D’Amato and new fans to get to know the real Lisa D’Amato in a genuine and engaging way. myWorld Mobile will release the Earth to Lisa app Tuesday, September, 13th — one day before the Americas Next Top Model All-Stars premiere on the CW.
The Earth to Lisa app powered by myWorld Mobile will give fans the opportunity to get to know the personality that was voted one of the “most memorable” contestants by AOL Entertainment and one of the “biggest villains” in reality television by TV Guide. D’ Amato has transitioned from model to performer and Earth to Lisa allows fans to download and purchase merchandise and her latest CD ‘Flippin’ the Bird’ with collaborations from The Cataracs (The Far East Movement) and more. myWorld Mobile’s unique ‘direct- to-fan’ platform interactively fuses the life and personality that is Lisa D’Amato.
Lisa D’Amato fans should grab their mobile devices and prepare for take-off as they step into Lisa’s crazy world. The Earth to Lisa mobile app will be available for download September 13, 2011 in the iTunes app store.