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Hotel Tonight Mobile Web App


My role as Senior Product Designer was to steward the design process for a new application for mobile web.  The business requirements where defined by executive stakeholders, the CEO, VP of Product and CTO.  These requirements were presented in a google doc of features and specifications supported by product research.  From this requirements document, my task was to convert the current native app flows to a mobile web flow.  

After an initial discussion with the development team and stakeholders, the process of wire framing the core user flows of an MVP web app are below.

Taskflow needed to mirror Native App Experience on mobile web browsers which presented some significant UX challenges

• Using Invision to iterate thru wireframe prototypes 
• Did audits of competitors and industry leaders in mobile web performance experiences around page loading times, page weights, use of fonts, image compression and page density, and iOS and Android browser support percentages. 
• Iterated thru UI Deisgns of approved wireframes
• The team tested UI prototypes with random test users offsite
• Worked with lead engineers to match design comps and brand/style guides and asset production (Zepplin.io)
• Analytic funnels were tracked and evaluated with entire product team for dot releases post MVP.

Entire Project took 13 weeks to launch

UX Design

This represents the starting point for UX task flow wireframe iterations.


UI Design

An Initial iteration of the User Interface Design thru final MVP design.  Project had a 6 week timeline to initial luanch.

Product Manager: Drew Burch

Engineer: Jonathan Geggatt

Mobile Web 7-day Calendar Widget

Second Iteration for launch



This process has been replaced by services like Zeplin.io

UI Design post MVP launch

Refinement of search calendar widget, addition of map search, and additional payment options added to booking flow.  Zeplin.io was also introduced as a tool for generating style guides.