Optimizing navigation for Apple’s Mobility Partners Program

Apple invited Homebase to become a member of it’s Mobility Partner Program, and re-think it’s iOS app navigation structure…


Apple reached out to Homebase thru their Mobility Partner Program to leverage the iOS native app experience for promotion on the App Store.  Among the requests for acceptance into the MPP program, was for closer adherence to Human interface guidelines via a tab bar navigation architecture, and remove the material design menu drawer pattern from the iOS app.  We recognized this as an opportunity to simplify the native app experience. 

Product Managers: Rosie Atkins, Keyvan Rahmatian

Product Designer(s): Hana Kim, Jamal Berkeley

Engineers: Anna Bilstrom, Mark Jeschke, Eugene Markman


Accepted into the Apple Mobility Partner Program in September 2018. 

Consolidating UX Patterns

Transitioning of the navigation drawer primary menu into a tabbed navigation bar required a prioritization of feature groupings, sequencing of common task flows, and the optimizing for statefulness by user persona, both merchants and employees.


Profile Prominence

Making the user profile prominent part of both Homebase and non-Homebase businesses.  Future roadmap includes the evolution of off platform value for each user’s profile in the search process.