Redefining the collection of ocean data

Web application for operating ocean missions


The Product Roadmap for a complete rebuild of the client web app is as follows:

· Observation of Autonomous Surface Vehicle (Drone) on active missions

· View Data captured by individual drone

· View informational map layer data (Nautical Charts, Bathymetry, and Shipping Traffic in near proximity)

· Weather modeling for map overlays 

· Nautical predictions based on individual drone tasking (Alerts)

· Mission Simulation & Planning

· Drone Command and Control task management


Delivered an optimized responsive web app user interface for 2 use cases, Drone Management, and Scientific Observation by clients.

UX Journey Mapping

An essential priority for managing fleets of drones collecting data is efficiently tasking vehicles. Reviewing and Observing Data Collection is a core behavior during missions.

A Journey Map of this core user interaction.


UX Wireframes

In addition to grouping of tasks, reviewing contrast of error states and organizing data by journey context, a focus on web mobile device screen format was a requirement for remote on-site vehicle launch operations.



Responsive Web App