Prototyping a unified vision


Our Internal tribe conducted this strategic vision exploration to present to execs and the larger company, focused on a near term vision of solutions to improve engagement and provide better job seeker insight on the best job opportunities.

Our goal was to reduce the time to hire in the Snag marketplace. User research had identified a core issue in the hiring process around a lack of communication from application submission thru the hire to an employee. Our team focused on 3 areas of opportunities, providing improved matches to jobs, increased communication post application submission, and prioritizing and management of hiring status for job seekers.

During Q1 2018, in collaboration with our Find & Apply tribe, we presented a prototype of our tribe vision to resolve near-term issues around matching seeker qualifications with employer requirements, facilitating a longer engagement funnel thru the hiring process, and provide better visibility for seekers on relevancy of search results.  


This visiontype provided a widely excepted feature roadmap of solutions in which the the tribe and execs where eagerly anticipating these solutions into sprint planning and development for Q2 2018.

Background & Ideation

Our product team, composed of 9 team members, 3 from product, design and engineering, brought individual audits of competitors.  The group then started  facilitating ideas around known issues of user experience and business objectives, with the goal of prioritizing the opportunities and solutions gathered thru this discovery exercise.

Prototyping a Narrative

The discovery squad then separated into 3 triads of stakeholders from each discipline to focus on a couple of areas to start developing UX narratives for each triads’ prototype, with the purpose to present tangible solutions to be validated with user testing.

Wire-framing a story arc

Once the roughed out prototypes where presented, we then created a story arc and UX narrative to combine the ideas of all 3 teams. 

Presenting a Visiontype

As the rebrand of Snag was forthcoming in the near term, final visiontype designs explored the new brand design system and patterns.