What do we do?


Pixelcrunchr is a San Francisco Bay Area based studio focused on creating immersive brand-engaging applications and experiences. In essence, we are a hybrid studio, focusing on accelerating innovation for our clients, from developing minimum viable products for start-ups, working on prototypes for retail applications, ideation of financial workflows for 2020, or just seeing a need in the marketplace, and building it ourselves. Our goal is to realize each clients’ vision in a tangible experience.
Our approach is simple, analyze each clients’ unique vision, coordinate collaborative teams of expert colleagues, and iterate frequently. This process allows us to employ on demand resources to tackle projects of varying size and scope, while reducing project overhead, and keep project teams nimble so we can adapt to iterative feedback.
Our clients’ work ranges from industry-defining brand icons like Google, MTV/Harmonix, Electronic Arts, and NIKE, to exploring new frontiers on ventures with startups and entrepreneurs, our award-winning work spans a range of industries from marketing, advocacy, and education to technology, finance and entertainment.



Jamal Berkeley

Founder / Interactive Director

Jamal Berkeley has been designing and building experiences since the mid 90’s, culminating in the evolution of pixelcrunchr. Working with great companies like Google, MTV, Microsoft, EA, NIKE, Nestle, Budweiser, Harmonix, Johnson & Johnson, Dodge, Sprint and Sega, to pioneering agencies like Mekanism, Obscura Digital, MAS Event & Design, and TEAK Digital.
While as Interactive Director at TEAK Digital, worked with Google to Launch the Nexus One Phone and online marketing campaign, built the award-winning YouTube Channel for Search Stories in preparation for there first Broadcast Commercial aired during the 2010 SuperBowl, and a fundraising campaign for Children’s Hospital of Oakland.
His work at Mekanism includes the production of numerous award-winning sites including NOLAF.org, Dodge RamChallenge.com, Needforspeed.com, Mekanism.com, BoostUp.org, CureCD.com, LetGreenThisCity.com and the microsite for MTV Games/Harmonix’s epically popular, relationship-destroying Rock Band video game.
When he’s not building educational games with his twins, you can usually find him sailing on the bay or shreddin’ the gnar gnar pow pow in Tahoe or wherever else there’s gnar and/or pow that needs shreddin’.